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meet kiani

As a child growing up in this vibrant city, my love for food blossomed from family meals to the delights of street food.

Now, I want to share this passion and the memories they evoke with you. Together, we’ll explore hidden eateries, savor every delectable bite, and make lasting memories.

Let me take you on a journey where every dish tells a story and food connects us all. Are you ready to indulge in a world of amazing flavours?

Join me on this delicious adventure!

mouth-watering delights

Each month discover more amazing places to eat with my Top 3 restaurants and their tastiest dishes tried by me.

Falafil Al Rabiah

One of my favourite places where I get my breakfast falafel for work. This place has the best crispy falafel that you cannot stop eating. 


Al Mallah​

Best and old lebansese restaurant in dubai, since 1984 this place is serving the best fatayer cheese with zaatar, but this isn’t like any other cheese. It’d delicious.


Sarhad Darbar

One of the most epic and unique Pakistani restaurants in Dubai, Al Barsha, where you can just enjoy the traditional style of Biryani and Chapli Kebab.


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the guide

Dubai Food Guide

Looking for the yummiest spots in Dubai? Look no further! My guide has the scoop on top food places to try.

Whether you crave authentic Emirati flavours or crave a quick street food fix, get ready for a food adventure.









Complete Guide

Complete Guide

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My Food Chronicles

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I’m Kiani, and I’m beyond excited to share my food journey with you all. As an Emirati food blogger, I love to discover hidden gems of the food scene in Dubai.

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